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LS Swap Receiver Drier with GM A/C Pressure Transducer


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Any LS Swapped vehicle equipped with Vintage Air or Classic Air.  If your vehicle was equipped with a Receiver Drier from the factory this may work for your application. However, it may require some modification. This part is a direct drop in for Vintage and Classic Air Systems.


This LS Swap A/C receiver drier is OEM quality, and is manufactured by Parker. Parker manufactures many A/C system parts for GM.  This drier comes with 90 grams of desiccant, versus many of the cheaper aftermarket driers that only have 60 grams.  The Parker drier will have a much longer lifespan!

Why BP Automotive?

BP Automotive is the only LS Swap Standalone Harness Manufacturer that offers and fully supports A/C installation and integration with the GM LS EFI systems.  We will make integrating A/C with our harness and the GM control modules simple. No more stalling at a stop or during a low rpm cruise. No more forcing fans on with extra relays. Your fans and idle controls will work with the A/C just as they would in a factory LS vehicle!

Additional Info

It comes equipped with both a GM AC Delco pressure transducer and a binary switch for compressor protection. Comes with switches uninstalled. Install switches, snug them, then check for leaks.

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 6 in


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