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1999-2006 Silverado Sierra Tahoe Suburban Yukon Fan Harness for 2005-2006 GM Fans


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1999-2006 Silverado, Sierra, Tahoe, Suburban, and Yukon with a 34” core radiator and a fan assembly for a 2005-2006 GM truck/SUV. If you have the 28” radiator we make a fan harness for the LS1 fans. LS1 fans will require some fabrication on your part, but will fit the core of the smaller radiator. Just select the appropriate option for the connectors!

Why BP Automotive?

Our fan harness is designed to be the best fitting, best functioning harness out there. In fact, We are confident that you will not find a better fitting or higher quality aftermarket NBS Fan harness out there. BP Automotive went above and beyond to make a harness that fits and mounts like a factory 2005-2006 GM harness. Our harness also utilizes J case fuses just like a factory harness! All in a sealed, easily accessible fuse holder assembly! We include all needed mounting hardware, and VERY detailed installation instructions.

BP Automotive’s NBS fan harness is designed for a plug and play installation of factory GM 2005-2006 electric fans on your 1999-2006 truck that came equipped with a clutch fan. This harness will be a direct drop in on 2003-2006 Trucks and SUV. On 1999-2002 you will also need our A/C update kit, as this will enable the PCM to control the fans PROPERLY with A/C. This is where other harnesses and kits fail. The update kit is automatically added when you choose a 1999-2002 year.

All of our harnesses are made with GM color coded TXL wire to meet or exceed OEM standards! Moreover, BP Automotive only uses Rennsteig production hand tools to crimp the Delphi terminals used in our harnesses. We also use the proper Rennsteig digital dial caliper to measure the crimp height and width to ensure the crimp tool is adjusted properly to meet Delphi’s stringent crimp standards!


Additional Info

Our fan harnesses also require fan table tuning in the PCM. BP Automotive offers this service with a discount when purchasing a fan harness. This is required.



Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 6 in
Fan Connector Type

Vortec Fans, LS1 Fans

Year and Fans Used

1999-2002 With LS1/LT1 F-Body Fans, 1999-2002 With Vortec Truck Fans, 2003-2007 With LS1/LT1 F-Body Fans, 2003-2007 With Vortec Truck Fans


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