4th of July Sale!

4th of July Sale

4th of July Sale

In celebration of Independence Day and the freedom that our great nation enjoys we are going to offer 10% off all online orders placed from today until midnight on July 4th! Take pride in purchasing a high quality handmade wiring harness made at our facility Kentucky!  No better to celebrate America’s anniversary than buying American made products!

Coupon Code landofthefree

We do have some applications in stock! However, depending on when your order is placed and what product you are purchasing there could be a lead time. Lead times for Gen 3 standalone harnesses will be roughly 1-2 weeks, Gen 4 will be 2-4 weeks, and any direct fit plug and play or custom harnessing will be 6-8 weeks. Any other products built by BP Automotive will have roughly a week or two lead time.

2017 has brought us another year of immense growth, and we all have been working overtime to fulfill orders as quickly as possible!  The entire team at BP Automotive would like to thank everyone for all of their support and patience! Because of you we get to live the American dream, and help you finish your project that you have put so much work into!

In celebration our phone lines will be closed Monday through Wednesday. We will be available via email and our Facebook Page.  The entire team will be celebrating with family while working different hours, so we will be a little short handed for all the messages just bear with us!





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